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Web - Webpage Not Loading or Loading Incompletely

This article has troubleshooting steps when a site loads in incognito mode but not in normal mode.

An extension allows you to adapt your internet experience to your preferred web browsing style. Sometimes an extension will prevent a website from loading. It uses the Google Chrome web browser for the specific details.

Clearing cache and cookies resolves a number of web browsing problems and is a good first step. Please be aware that it may cause problems if you have other applications running in the same browser.

If the website loaded previously and, now, does not load or completely load then try loading it in Incognito mode. If it does load successfully, this indicates that an extension is causing the problem.

You can try identifying the problem extension by looking at the list of your browser extensions. You can disable it and reload the website. If the site does load then you can either leave the extension disabled or re-enable the extension and add the website to the extension's site access list (under details).

Another option is to go through the list one-by-one. Here are two different methods.

Method 1 - identify problem extension by disabling extensions

  1. in Chrome, click the 3 dots icon
  2. click "More Tools"
  3. click Extensions
  4. Check your list of extensions for one that was recently added
  5. disable the extension (move the toggle switch so it turns grey)
  6. try loading the webpage
  7. continue until you identity the specific extension that is preventing the website from loading
  8. remember to re-enable the other extensions

Method 2 - identify problem extension by enabling extensions

  1. In Chrome's incognito mode, click the 3 dots icon
  2. click "More Tools"
  3. click Extensions
  4. click "Allow in incognito"

Extensions in Chrome

  • Accessing the extensions list


  • Buttons on an extension


  • Some options under Details


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