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This document details information on the Universities of Wisconsin Technology Equity Program that was hosted by the DoIT Computer Lending Program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. This program is not continuing past its first launch in 2021. For any inquiries concerning this program, please reach out to

The Universities of Wisconsin Technology Equity Program was created in response COVID-19's rise in need for accesible technology. This Universities of Wisconsin-wide program is meant to award laptops to students who are in need of technology for the duration of their academic careers at a UW institution. These laptops are allowed to be checked out through holidays, breaks, and summer terms until the student is no longer enrolled with UW Madison.* The laptops from this program are managed under each UW school's IT divisions; UW-Madison's is hosted under the DoIT Computer Lending Program - General Information. Any questions or concerns about the program can be referred to fill out the DoIT Computer Lending Program's Request Form.

Dell Laptop Specifications

Dell Latitude 3310
13.3" Anti-Glare, Non-Touch, Camera & Microphone, WLAN Capable
8th Generation Intel Core i5-8625u
256GB SSD Storage
Windows 10 Education
2 USB, Ethernet, USB-C, Mini-SD Ports Available

Customers have full admin access to install/uninstall applications similar to regular laptop loaners through the DoIT Computer Lending Program.

The following are copies of the Terms of Agreement and Checkout Receipt that awardees are required to sign upon pick up of the laptop. Laptops have a 3-year warranty that cover some damages however students will be responsible for any extra labor, replacement, or parts costs. These laptops are also required to be used according to the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

Terms of Agreement


I hereby acknowledge acceptance and agree to the terms of this laptop computer agreement from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (hereinafter referred to as "the University") to govern the use of a university-provided laptop computer while I  am enrolled at the University, based on the following:

  1. This agreement and any amendments or supplements to it will be governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin. Accordingly, the laptop computer is and will remain the property of the University. I have no title or ownership in the computer.
  2. I agree to adhere to the University's regulations and policies governing the use of the computer. I agree to comply with all applicable State and Federal law including copyright and intellectual property law pertaining to software.
  3. I must maintain a continuous enrollment at the University, paying tuition as a degree-seeking student to remain eligible to participate in the Universities of Wisconsin Technology Equity Program at UW-Madison and to continue to use the laptop computer.
  4. The laptop computer, which is provided for my student use, will be a fully configured laptop computer, including appropriate accessories (hereinafter referred to as "the computer"). The brand of the computer given will be decided by the University.
  5. I will not remove or alter any University or other identification labels attached to or displayed on the computer. I may affix stickers to the exterior shell of the laptop, and agree to remove any such stickers, prior to returning the laptop.
  6. I will not assign, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose of this agreement or any interest herein, or lend the computer or otherwise permit it to be possessed or used by anyone other than me.
  7. I am responsible for all software applications and hardware maintenance not provided by the University.
  8. I agree not to make alterations to the computer without prior written consent of the University. Any alterations made to the computer will belong to the University and may be removed without consent.
  9. I understand that I am fully responsible for the backup of my own data. The University shall not be held responsible for the loss of documents, desktop or system configurations, data files, media files or any other item or software installed on my computer. This includes any licensing or warranties that may be associated with the purchased software products.
  10. When the computer is returned to the University’s Technology Help Desk or such other place as appointed by the University, it must be as fully functional as it was when it was deployed.
  11. Each laptop comes with three-year property damage insurance coverage. I am responsible for costs, per occurrence, for parts and labor associated with any needed repairs, damages and/or replacement equipment, which are not covered by the damage insurance coverage or manufacturer’s standard warranty. Charges will be   added to my University account.
  12. I am responsible and may be charged a laptop replacement cost, in case of theft, loss, or destruction of the computer. Charges will be added to my University account.
  13. I must report the theft, loss or destruction of the computer, within 48 hours, to the University's Technology Help Desk and to the police department in the jurisdiction in which the theft or loss occurred. If I do not give the Technology Help Desk a copy of the written police report within 48 hours, the University may charge my University account the replacement cost of the computer. The Technology Help Desk will not issue me a replacement computer until I give them a copy of the written police report. The written police report must reference the computer’s make, model, and serial number.
  14. Upon request, I agree to deliver the computer to the University's Technology Help Desk for inspection or to verify inventory/asset information. Failure to comply by the date asked for may result in a hold being placed on my course registration privileges and transcript or other proper actions or sanctions.
  15. I agree to return the computer to the University’s Technology Help Desk or such other place as appointed by the University upon demand or notification by the University for nonpayment of University fees, upon my graduation, withdrawal, dismissal or suspension from the University, upon notification of the expiration of the University's computer, or upon any other notification to turn in the computer. If I do not return the computer within the stated timeframes, the University may place a hold on my University record, bill me for the computer replacement cost and/or a fee, and initiate collection, repossession, or release my information for police investigative action. I understand that the University may charge me collection costs, up to one-third the costs, in the event the University must initiate a collection or repossession action.
  16. Under Chapter 137 Wisconsin Statute I agree that the University may amend the terms of this agreement (to include cancellation) upon serving me a written Notice of Amendment. Any such notice will be served by my UW-Madison email account. Such Notice of Amendment will be effective 10 days from the date on the email.
  17. The University is not responsible for  any injuries, damages, penalties, or losses, including legal costs and expenses, incurred by me or any other person caused by the transportation, installation, use of or any other matters relating to the computer.
  18. No delay or failure to enforce any provision of this agreement will constitute a waiver or limitation of the University's rights of enforcement under it.


Checkout Receipt Agreement

The laptop and accessories listed below have been assigned to you for use through the Universities of Wisconsin Technology Equity Program, and as administered by UW-Madison. Upon request by UW-Madison, the student must return all equipment by the requested date(s) to the location(s) specified by the University. Except for ordinary wear and tear, equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was received. Each laptop comes with a three-year property damage insurance coverage. Costs for parts and labor associated with damages and/or replacement equipment, which are not covered by the damage insurance coverage, will be   charged to the student's University account. The student is responsible for all damaged, missing, stolen, or lost equipment. Contact the UW-Madison Help Desk immediately to report any equipment issues including incorrect, missing, or damaged items.

The items provided by the University on this agreement will be used only by the designated individual and only for the purpose for    which it was manufactured and intended. Subleasing of any and all equipment is expressly prohibited. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THE COMPUTER OR PERIPHERAL'S COVER TO BE OPENED OR MODIFIED WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORITY FROM THE UNIVERSITY.



Equipment List
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