WiscIT - Using HelpOnline to create a ticket, log a call, add notes to a call, and review past calls

HelpOnline provides a way to create a call or ticket requesting various services (help, network requests like data jack installations and activations, etc.) from DoIT.

Accessing HelpOnline

To access HelpOnline, you can either go directly to the self-service portal, or access an app via MyUW.

Note: Safari does not work with the customer portal at this time. Chrome or Firefox are the recommended browsers for accessing HelpOnline on a Mac.

Direct Access to HelpOnline

  1. Go to https://wiscit.wisc.edu/CherwellPortal/WiscIT.

  2. In the upper right-hand corner, select Click to login.

    Log in through WiscIT login page
  3. If you were not previously signed in, you will be prompted to enter your NetID and password to complete the login.

  4. You will be brought to the homepage, where you can select to create a new ticket or view an existing one.

Access via MyUW

  1. Go to http://my.wisc.edu and login with your NetID and password.

  2. Open the My DoIT Help Desk Cases app. If you do not see the app on your homepage, search MyUW for "My DoIT Help Desk Cases". If desired, use the "Add to Home" button on the search results page for easier access in the future.

  3. Begin the application by clicking the green "launch" button, then click on the link to the "Self-Service Portal" or click "here" on the next page.

    Help Desk cases app - opening self-service portal
  4. You will be automatically signed into WiscIT then brought to the homepage, where you can select to create a new ticket or view an existing one.

Creating a New Ticket

  1. If you have a new question or issue with which you need help, you can create a ticket by selecting Create a New Ticket.

    Creating a new ticket in portal
  2. Enter the relevant ticket information as follows:

    • Step 1: Check your contact information; if it is missing or incorrect, enter the correct contact information in the "Alternate contact information" field.
    • Step 2: Enter a short summary of your issue in the "Subject" field.
    • Step 3: Enter a detailed description of your issue.
    • Step 4: Answer the given questions regarding the urgency of your issue.
    • Step 5: Review the ticket information for completeness and accuracy, then click Submit to create the ticket.

    Ticket Details - name, contact, description, urgency
  3. At this point, you should see a small window with a confirmation message as well as your ticket number. If you need to contact the Help Desk for additional information on your ticket, you can provide this number for faster service, so it is recommended that you copy it down for future reference.

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Reviewing Past/Current Tickets

  1. To review a past or current ticket, select View Existing Tickets.

    View existing tickets in portal
  2. Double-click on the ticket you want to open.

    Reviewing your open tickets

Adding Notes to your Ticket

You can also update a ticket which you previously created, if the ticket is still open. To do so:

  1. With the ticket open, click on the Edit button in the upper left-hand corner.

    Editing and adding notes to ticket
  2. You can now click the blue Add Comment link to the right of the "Comments" field. A small pop-up window will appear where you can record the notes you'd like to add to your ticket.

    Adding comments to your ticket
  3. Upon submitting your comment, you will receive a confirmation message. When you return to the main screen of your ticket, you should see your comment recorded in the "Comments" field.

    Comment confirmation message
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