Email Security - Subject Tagging

When the Enhanced Email Security project is completed, we will no longer add certain Subject tags to incoming messages. This is because we expect the new security product to route truly suspicious or malicious email messages to your junk folder with fewer false positives.

Which current Subject tags will be deprecated?

[CAUTION: External] - This text was added to Subjects when it appeared that an external sender was spoofing an email address.

[SCAM] - This text was added when a message appeared to have a high probability of phishing or matched known text associated with Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams.

What are the new Subject tags?

[Attachment Removed] - Will be added to the Subject of any message where an attachment was removed by the secure email gateway. Please see Email Security - Executable Attachments for a complete list of file types that are removed before final delivery.

[Not Virus Scanned] - Will be added to the Subject of any message that contains an attachment where the scanning engine was unable to scan for viruses. This could be due to password protected attachment or some other scanning error. We recommend that you treat these attachments with caution.

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