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White Pages - Incorrect or Missing Faculty/Staff and Affiliate Information

When looking up faculty/staff or affiliate contact information in the White Pages or directory search, email addresses, phone numbers, or other information may be incorrect or missing.

Data can only be corrected at its source. DoIT and the Help Desk cannot correct your data for you. Email addresses are maintained in the Personal Information module on the Work Record tab in the My UW-Madison Portal. Office Addresses are maintained by your HR office.

HR or Payroll officers who are not familiar with the processes listed below should review documentation in the HRS Knowledgebase. Questions may be addressed to Service Center via or UW-Madison Office of Human Resources.

  • Employee information will appear the day that the appointment becomes valid, and will disappear when it is not.
  • Check your information in the Personal Information module in My UW-Madison Portal. If your email address is incorrect, click Change next to the address to update it.
  • Employees may change their Phone Number in HRS by clicking Update my Personal Information in HRS (see Personal Information documentation for help).
  • Contact your HR office if you need to update your office address. It is listed in the Personal Information module in My UW-Madison Portal, but you cannot update it there.
  • As an Employee, the Name in Use (Preferred Name) is available to you which allows you to specify how your First and Middle names are displayed. It also allows you to modify the punctuation, spacing, and/or capitalization of your last name. If your HR office has updated your Legal name and it is not being updated in the White Pages, please navigate to the Name in Use (Preferred Name) app and make sure you do not have a preferred name set up. Please follow the instructions here for your updated legal name to be displayed in the White Pages.
  • Home contact information is never listed and consequently the "Release Home Information" option in HRS has no effect on what is listed in the white pages. All employees are listed in the directory and cannot be removed except in cases where the individual is a victim of harassment or whose safety is otherwise endangered, and only at the request of University Police or the Office of Campus Information Security.
  • Employees with multiple jobs will only have two of them listed. Only jobs with UW-Madison will be listed. The primary job as listed in HRS will be listed first, followed by other jobs in order based on percentage of employment.
  • Contact Information are also submitted by:
    • The Affiliate system run by UW-Madison's Office of Human Resources. Your HR/Payroll office should contact with corrections.
    • UW Health and UW Medical Foundation. UW Health HR and Medical Foundation HR can correct incorrect data in their system, which should flow to us overnight.
    These will not overwrite entries for employees, but may cause a second (or third, or fourth) entry to appear.
  • Secondary office addresses in HRS are not and cannot be displayed.
  • Employee department names comes from the UW-Madison Budget Office and are maintained in SFS. Changes to department names in HRS will have no impact on what is displayed in the white pages. Department name changes should be performed following the HR procedure, which should inform the budget office.
  • By design, student employees are presumed to exist in the directory because of their presence as a student, and information listed in HR will not be displayed for them in the White Pages. As a consequence, student employees who are not students at UW-Madison are not listed.
  • Emeritus/Emerita records are fed from the HR system, and are not the same as simply being retired. You must be explicitly granted Emeritus/Emerita status and your HR office must have had you entered in. Addresses for Emeritus/Emerita are maintained in HR and can only be updated by HR officers. Email address can be updated through the My UW-Madison Portal like other employees. People who are simply retirees will not appear in the white pages.
  • If you have confirmed with your HR office and the Personal Information module in My UW-Madison Portal that your information is correct, and it has been more than two days, please contact the Help Desk in case there is a problem in the system.

If you are also an enrolled student, you may have student contact information in the white pages as well. See White Pages - Incorrect or Missing Student Information for information on changing your student data.

While DoIT is responsible for maintaining the online directory search, DoIT cannot change your information. Information can only be changed through the system where the information was entered.

Contact information for the HR system is included for all employees. There is no provision for removal except in cases where the person is the victim of harassment or otherwise endangered, and only at the request of University Police or the Office of Campus Information Security.

Data is refreshed business days at 2AM. Due to job timing conflicts, it can sometimes take up to two business days before updates process through.

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