NetID - Eligibility Policy

This document details the eligibility policy for the UW-Madison NetID.

NetID Eligibility vs Service Eligibility

NetID Eligibility refers to whether or not a person is eligible to have an active NetID. NetID Eligibility does not imply eligibility for any other UW-Madison services.

Service Eligibility refers to whether or not a person is eligible to access a particular Enterprise UW-Madison service, such as Office365, Learn@UW, Google Apps, or the UW-Madison Wireless Network. Service Eligibility is determined by campus policy for each Enterprise UW-Madison Service.

This document only discusses NetID Eligibility.

Who is Eligible for a NetID?

Students Eligible for a NetID

    • All applicants.

    • Admitted students with intent to enroll.

    • Students who are eligible to enroll in the current semester.

    • Students who are enrolled in the current semester or a future semester.

    • Students in a pre-college program.

    • Students in the Summer Research Opportunity Program.

    • Students in non-credit programs such as the Lifelong Learners (L3) program.

    • Former students that were enrolled in Summer 2010 or later will remain eligible for a NetID.

    Current UW-Madison Faculty and Staff Eligible for a NetID

    • All UW-Madison employees with either a paid or an unpaid appointment regardless of job classification.
    • Student employees on the Madison campus from other institutions (non-Madison UW, MATC, Edgewood).

    Emeritus Faculty and Retirees

    • Emeritus faculty and staff need to be entered into the Human Resources System to remain eligible for a NetID. To get entered into the system, send an email to the Office of Human Resources at

    • Non-emeritus retirees must contact their human resource department to remain eligible for a NetID.

    Affiliates Eligible for a NetID

    • UW Hospital, Clinics and UW Medical Foundation employees.

    • UW-System employees.

    • All people in HRS as a current "Person of Interest" (POI).

    • All people in Special Authorizations.

    Special Populations

    Departments at UW-Madison may request to extend some or all Enterprise UW-Madison IT services, including a NetID, to affiliated persons or groups (Getting NetIDs for Affiliate Populations). Eligibility may be revoked at any time at the department's discretion. Examples of affiliated persons or groups include guest lecturers or speakers, consultants, and students in special programs. To learn more, see Manifest - Services.

    NetID Deactivation Policy

    At this time, we do not run a NetID deactivation process for people who no longer have an active affiliation. Access to individual services is revoked when a person no longer has an eligible active affiliation with the institution.

    Emeritus and people who Retire with IT Services will retain NetID eligibility on an ongoing basis until they are removed from HRS. 

    Human resources departments can work with the Office of Cybersecurity to request someone's account be immediately disabled if the employee is terminated and presents a security risk.

    If you are curious about UW-Madison record retention policies you can read about them here. The amount of time that UW-Madison retains your records depends on your affiliation (i.e. applicant, student, etc.).

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