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NetID - Eligibility Policy

This document details the eligibility policy for the UW-Madison NetID.

NetID Eligibility vs Service Eligibility

It is important to be aware of the difference between NetID Eligibility and Service Eligibility:

NetID Eligibility refers to whether or not a person is eligible to have an active NetID. NetID Eligibility does not imply eligibility for any other UW Madison services.

Service Eligibility refers to whether or not a person is eligible to access a particular Enterprise UW Madison service, such as Office365, Learn@UW, Google Apps, or the UW Wireless Network. Service Eligibility is determined by campus policy for each Enterprise UW Madison Service.

This document only discusses NetID Eligibility.

Who is Eligible for a NetID?


    • Students who are enrolled/eligible to enroll in the current semester are eligible for a NetID.
    • Former students that were enrolled in Summer 2010 or later will remain eligible for a NetID.

Note: Students studying/working abroad are considered former students when no longer enrolled at UW Madison.

  • All applicants are eligible for a NetID.

Current Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty and staff at UW-Madison are eligible for a NetID. In addition to faculty and staff with a current UW appointment, this also applies to University Staff Fixed Term and Temporary Employees (TEs) who have not yet reached their end date, as well as employees with a future start date.
  • UW Hospital, Clinics and UW Medical Foundation employees are eligible for a NetID.
  • Student employees on the Madison campus from other institutions (non-Madison UW, MATC, Edgewood) are eligible for a NetID.

    Note: Student employees enrolled at UW-Madison are eligible due to their student status.

Former UW Faculty and Staff

  • UW Faculty and Staff who leave the university without retiring will remain eligible for a NetID for two years.
  • Emeritus faculty and staff need to be entered into the HR System to remain eligible for a NetID. Send an email to the Office of Human Resources at
  • Non-emeritus retirees must contact their human resource department to remain eligible for a NetID.

Special Populations

Departments at UW-Madison may request to extend some or all Enterprise UW-Madison IT services, including a NetID, to affiliated persons or groups (Getting NetIDs for Affiliate Populations). Eligibility may be revoked at any time at the department's discretion. Examples of affiliated persons or groups include guest lecturers or speakers, consultants, and students in special programs. To learn more, see Manifest - Services

NetID Deactivation Policy

For those who are no longer NetID-eligible, the following rules apply to deactivation of NetID accounts:

  • NetID account deactivation will take place shortly after the “last day to add” of the Fall and Spring semesters each year.
  • We will not deactivate NetID accounts between the last day of the Spring semester and the "last day to add" of the Fall semester.
  • We will not deactivate NetID accounts between the last day of the Fall semester and the "last day to add" of the Spring semester.
  • The initial phase of deactivations will only disable the non-eligible individual’s ability to check mail, access My UW-Madison, and access WiscCal. Mail sent to that person’s address will still be accepted.
  • A grace period is available, by request only, to allow individuals to continue using NetID related services for a specified amount of time. This grace period is intended to allow time to correct issues that may lead to reinstating eligibility or, for those who are indeed not eligible, to allow time to establish a private internet service provider (ISP) and set a forwarding address. The grace period will end on an advertised date, generally 2-4 weeks after the initial deactivation.
  • The final phase of deactivations will take place in conjunction with the end of the grace period. Anyone who has not resolved outstanding issue will have his or her NetID account completely purged.
  • Forwarding addresses established before or during the grace period will be honored for a six month period. We reserve the right to exclude messages identified as highly likely to be bulk mail ( spam ) from the allowable forwarded mail. Forwarding addresses can be added by modifying your NetID account
  • Faculty, staff, and student employees will retain access to the My-UW Madison portal for 24 months beyond their appointment termination date such that the final on-line pay statement will be available through the work records tab.

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