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WiscList - Adding a List Member or Administrator


List members and administrators can be added to your lists using WiscList Admin.

  1. Log into WiscList and go to My Lists.
  2. Click on the desired list.
  3. Click on Manage List Members.
  4. A list of your list admins and members will be displayed, as well as links to create or export members. Click Create New List Administrator or Create New List Member.
  5. Fill out the form and set the appropriate settings. For more information about this form's options, see Member Settings below.
  6. Click Create Member(s).

Member Settings

Setting Description
Email Address: The is the email address of the member you want to add. It must be a valid email address and cannot already be included in the list. Mailings will be sent to this address.
Full Name: The name of the member. This is displayed in administrative screens, but is not used in list mailings.
List(s): The new member will be added to these lists. By default, the list you were working with is selected, but you may select more than one by holding down the shift key.
Subscription This setting determines how the member will receive list mailings.
List Administrator: If this box is checked, this member will have administrative access to the list in WiscList Admin.
Bypass Moderation: If this box is checked, the member will not be affected by any moderation settings. We recommend all administrators bypass moderation. This setting only applies if your list is configured to moderate messages.

Searching the UW Directory

You can search for a person or department in the UW directly on this form. Simply type in some or all of the person or department's name in the Search UW Directory box and click Search. A list of people and/or departments will be displayed. Clicking Select next to the desired entry will copy and paste the name and email address directly into the form below.

Note: If your search results in more than 25 entries, you will see a warning and will need to make your search more specific.

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