PI Financials Tool - Service Description

The PI Financials Tool is designed to allow faculty and researchers to better manage and track their sponsored projects.


UW-Madison faculty and researchers can use the PI Financials Tool to help plan, manage, and track their sponsored projects using financial data that is populated from WISDM. However, the PI Financials Tool does not update any information within WISDM as a result of actions performed within it.

In order to access the PI Financials Tool, individuals will login to the service using their NetID and password. Faculty and staff will access the tool via one of two ways:

Support Conditions

The DoIT Help Desk can assist with login issues, as well as functional and technical issues that arise. Unresolved issues will be forwarded to the technologists who maintain the service for further assistance.


The PI Financials Tool is available during business hours from 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday. Though the PI Financials Tool may be available outside of these hours, availability is not guranteed outside of this window.