Mac OS X (10.7) - Possible compatibility issues with OS X Lion

Apple will be releasing Mac OS X Lion, an updated version of the operating system also referred to as 10.7. This update will be unique for several reasons, and there may be some application compatibility issues that arise as a result. For an overview of OS X Lion, please see Mac OS X (10.7) - OS X Lion Overview.

It's currently believed that OS X Lion will remove support for Rosetta, which allowed older Mac OS X applications to run in more recent versions of OS X. For most applications, this should not be an issue. However, there are likely to be a handful of older applications which will not be compatible with OS X Lion.

We have identified possible compatibility issues with the following application:

We have observed problems with using Bomgar as a support representative and presenter on OS X Lion using older versions of Bomgar. Version 11.1 of Bomgar should resolve these compatibility problems.