eduroam - Mac OS X Setup

This document explains how to install the eduroam profile for Mac OS X 10.7 or newer only. These directions do not apply to OS X 10.5/10.6 (Leopard/Snow Leopard) or older version of Mac OS (10.4 and below)

Directions for other devices can be found here: eduroam - Accessing eduroam

  1. Download UW-Madison eduroam Profile Installer. (Safari Users: Right-Click, Download Linked File As...)
  • Click Show Profile to view and verify. Even if the profile shows Unsigned instead of Verified, it is fine to proceed with the installation.

  • lion-01.png
  • Click Continue.

  • lion-02.png
  • Enter your fully-qualified and NetID Password

  • lion-03.png
  • Finally, you may be prompted for local machine credentials to install the profile.

  • lion-04.png
  • In order for your computer to default to eduroam you may need to move it to top of your list or remove UWNet
    -Open the System Preferences window.
    -In the Internet & Wireless section, click Network.
    -In the Network window's left-hand column, select Wi-Fi.
    -Click the Advanced... button in the lower right area of the window.
    -In the list of preferred networks, highlight UWNet and click the minus button or move eduroam.
    -After removing UWNet from the list or moving eduroam, click OK and close any open windows. Answer OK/Yes if asked.

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