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UW-Madison has adopted Canvas as its single, centrally supported learning management system. As of 6/1/2018, support for Desire2Learn (D2L) and most Moodle courses has been discontinued. Access to those courses has permanently ended. However, certain Moodle courses that are part of the Adanced Quizzing Content Functional Gaps project are still available on Moodle. Those courses are located on the Moodle Extension site.

Necessary configurations for the LMS Usage Report (report/usage) and description of components.

Site Settings

When the Learning Management System (LMS) usage report is installed, there will be new site settings to configure. 
- By default these do not need to set, but in order to share LMS usage Site ID must be given a unique value and Share Site Data must be checked.

Site settings page

  1. Activity Roles: the report checks users with these roles in order to determine whether the Moodle course is active.
  2. Site ID: this identifier has to be unique among the collaborative group of Moodle sites sharing data (i.e. sites that receive this site's data or visa versa).
  3. External Sites: this is a Comma-Seperated Values (CSV) field where all the site roots sharing usage data are enumerated.  These sites need not match those configured on other sites - allowing each site to have a unique set of sites from which to report data.
  4. Share Site Data: this setting allows site LMS usage data to be kept private (by default) or shared publicly through an XML feed.

Report Links

The links to the LMS usage report are located in the Site Administration menu at: Site Administration > Reports > Usage Reports

Report links location

Notice that the Site Settings can be accessed and adjusted later at: Site Administration > Reports > Usage Reports > Settings

Reports can be retrieved in HTML or Excel formats at the Reports link and when sharing is activated (Share Site Data is checked) the location of the XML feed is linked at XML Feed.  This link allows other systems to use the data as well.


Reports are given by UW term for the site and UW department and can be aggregated across sites when properly configured using Site Settings. The data can be viewed on the web or downloaded into Excel format.  These options are set at the top of the report screen shown in the example below:

Example of HTML report

Site totals are given at the top and will look different when data is being shared.  This will be discussed in Data Sharing.  Below the site totals are the department statistics, which--along with site data--can be sorted by clicking on any column header (e.g. Department, Cross-listed Departments, Total User Enrollments).  The corresponding arrow shows whether the list is ascending or descending.  An additional benefit of using this sorting on the HTML interface is that once the list is sorted how you want the data to appear, an export to Excel will have the data sorted in the same fashion.

The same data in Excel looks like this:

Example of Excel report

Data Sharing

** Under construction **

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