Learn@UW/D2L - It is Recommended that Gradebooks be Set to Open on the 'Manage Grades' Page

In general, it is good practice to specify that course gradebooks are to be opened on the 'Manage Grades' page instead of the 'Enter Grades' page when the 'Grades' tool is selected.

This is especially the case in courses with many grade items and/or enrolled students where the gradebook would be large.

To do so within your course:

  1. From the Grades tool, select "Settings" by an icon resembling a gear ( Gear ) near the upper right corner.

  2. Select the "Personal Display Options" tabbed page if not already there.

  3. Select Manage Grades from the drop-down menu under "Start Page".

  4. Press the Save button.

  5. Press the Close button to exit.

Personal Display Options

Since this is a personal display option, each instructor enrolled in the course would have to individually specify the setting.

The following problems may possibly occur if a gradebook is opened on the 'Enter Grades' page:

The gradebook will successfully open if it is set to open on the 'Manage Grades' page.

If you experience problems opening a gradebook on the 'Enter Grades' page, use the 'back door' URL described in Learn@UW/D2L - Unable to Open Gradebook in Course to open the gradebook on the 'Manage Grades' page.

On the 'Manage Grades' page, you can assign and edit grade values to grade items individually, delete any unwanted or duplicate grade items, or fix any offending grade items worth zero points. You also have access to 'Grade Settings' where you can specify that the gradebook be subsequently opened on the 'Manage Grades' page.

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