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Linux Self-Help

This document is a self support document for Linux users.

Note: This document only provides support for the version of Linux sold at the DoIT Techstore (Red Hat Enterprise Linux & SUSE Linux Enterprise). If you are using a different distribution of Linux, we recommend using a search engine to locate support online.

NOTE: Linux is not directly supported by the DoIT Help Desk. Unless you are using a service which explicitly supports Linux (NetID Login Service and Microsoft 365), the Help Desk can not provide support for Linux, Unix, or any derivative of those (e.g. Ubuntu, SUSE, FreeBSD, or Solaris). For self help, see Linux Self-Help.

If a solution cannot be found in our Knowledge Base and you are a UW-Madison student, you may consult one of the following:

  • Software Training for Students - Free software training offered by DoIT on a variety of topics and software. Online training via MindLeaders is also available via the STS program.

  • Ask A Trainer - A service run by Software Training for Students that allows all students, not just those who have taken a class, to get face-to-face, live chat, phone, or email assistance with a variety of software programs.

Installation Issues

  1. If the CD is not recognized by your computer, it’s possible that the CD has errors or is damaged. It should be tested on multiple computers with working CD-ROM drives to see if any computer is able to read the disk.

    • If the disk still can't be read, the CD is most likely non-functional and needs to be replaced. Talk to the person or vendor who supplied the disk(s).

    • If the disk can be read by other computers, it’s most likely a hardware problem with your CD-ROM drive. Call the DoIT Help Desk at 264-HELP for assistance with diagnosing the problem.

    • Note: most distributions can be installed from the internet or a USB stick. Consult the distribution's website for further information.

  2. View the Linux Installation Guide. The manual that comes with Linux or the distribution's website will be the best resource for installing Linux. It covers how to install Linux on several different hardware configurations.

Other Issues

  1. Red Hat Linux Support Online or SUSE Linux Support Online. This is the official Red Hat Linux/SUSE Linux support site. It offers documenation, manuals, and a searchable knowledgebase for Red Hat/SUSE users. You will have to register to use some of these features.

  2. Internet Search Engines (Google, etc.). Performing an internet search using applicable error codes and keyword can often times produce a solution. For Google users, we recommend using the "Web" tab and the "Groups" tab for the best results.

  3. Contact Red Hat Linux/SUSE Linux support. You will need to register at Red Hat: or SUSE: to contact technical support. You may incur service charges for their support.

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