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WiscMail (Mac OS X) - Configuring Entourage 2004 for POP

This document explains how to configure Microsoft Entourage 2004, as installed with Office 2004 for the Macintosh, to use POP with WiscMail.

WiscMail & WiscCal only
NOTE: This document is only applicable to WiscMail / WiscCal . If your account has been migrated to Office 365, please search the Office 365 KnowledgeBase for help. More information about the transition to Office 365 is available here.

IMPORTANT: Some versions of Norton AntiVirus (NAV) are incompatible with the WiscMail SMTP Auth service. Please see WiscMail - AntiVirus Software Incompatible with SMTP Authentication for details.

CAUTION: This document includes instructions for both IMAP and POP, but we recommend using IMAP. By default, POP will delete messages from the server as you download them. There is consequently a risk of losing all of your email if your hard drive fails. The WiscMail team recommmends you set up your email client with IMAP instead. Please see WiscMail - Differences between POP, IMAP, and WebMail for more information about POP vs. IMAP.

Note: POP access has been disabled for some accounts to prevent messages from being unintentionally removed from our server. If you want to configure your account for POP, you may need to enable POP access. Click here for instructions.

IMPORTANT: These procedures have been written for the latest version of this client. If you have problems configuring your client, please update your software to the latest version before contacting the Help Desk. To update Entourage, choose Downloads and Updates from the Entourage Help menu.
  1. Start Entourage. If the account assistant program does not automatically, click Tools and then click Accounts.

    Tools menu

  2. In the Accounts window click New.

    Account window

  3. The Account Setup Assistant will start. Click the Configure account manually button.

    Configure account manually

  4. Select POP for Account type and click OK.

    Account type

  5. Enter your settings.

    • Account Name
      • Name your account something descriptive such as "WiscMail".
    • Name
      • Enter your full name as you would like it to appear on the messages that you send.
    • Email address
      • This is the address that your contacts' email program will reply to your messages. This is also the address that will get recorded in your contacts' address book if they add you as a contact.
        The following address formats are valid alternate addresses for some older accounts:
        Note: some mailing lists will not let you post if you change this setting. It is recommended that you update your mailing list preferences to reflect the address you specify in this setting.
    • Account ID
      • Enter your NetID in this field
    • POP Server
      • This is the WiscMail incoming server.
      • This field should be set to
    • SMTP Server
      • This is the WiscMail outgoing server.
      • This field should be set to

    Account settings

  6. Once all of your settings are entered, click the button labeled Click here for advanced receiving options.

  7. Check the box labeled This POP service requires a secure connection (SSL)

    SSL setting

    • Make sure that the port number is set to 995.
    • WiscMail introduces SSL which provides secure password authentication to your WiscMail account.
  8. Next, click the button labeled Click here for advanced sending options, and enter the following information:
    • Check the box labeled SMTP service requires a secure connection (SSL)
    • Check the box labeled Override default SMTP port: and change the port to 587
    • Also, check the box labeled SMTP server requires authentication and set authentication to Use same settings as receiving mail server.
    • WiscMail introduces SSL which provides secure password authentication to your WiscMail account.

    SMTP SSL setting

  9. Click OK in the Edit Account window.

  10. Close the Accounts window to save your settings.
  11. Your WiscMail account is now configured to check and send mail.

    IMPORTANT: If you experience problems sending mail, please verify that your settings match the settings specified in this document. If you continue to have problems using these settings, please view WiscMail - Cannot Send Mail From Off-Campus Networks about alternate sending methods.

  12. Configure Access to the Campus Email Directory

    You may now setup your WiscMail account to use the LDAP server. The LDAP server allows your client to automatically search for the e-mail addresses for recipients when you are composing a message.

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