Backup Solution - CrashPlan (Important Changes)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison encourages students, faculty and staff to backup their personal computers utilizing either an external hard drive or a cloud backup service. If interested in a cloud back-up service, CrashPlan is an optional cloud backup service available at a discount for personal use by students, faculty and staff on the UW-Madison campus.

Important Changes to 
CrashPlan® for Home Service

Effective August 22, 2017, Code42 will no longer offer new – or renew – CrashPlan for Home subscriptions, and we will begin to sunset the product over several months. 
CrashPlan for Home will no longer be available for use starting October 23, 2018.

For more information please see

CrashPlan offers a 25% discount on one year subscription plans for UW-Madison students, faculty and staff. Your subscription may be renewed as long as you have a email address. Once you no longer have a email address you will have the option of switching to a regular CrashPlan subscription.  You must purchase the subscription from the CrashPlan UW-Madison store front to receive the discount.

This easy-to-use cloud service encrypts and backs up your files automatically; and it allows you to backup your personal data  to (and access your files from) other computers and external hard drives.  You can also access your files from a mobile device.  It is available for Mac OS, Windows, Solaris and Linux.

Other commercial cloud back-up services are also available and equally as effective in backing up your personal computer.  Please contact the DoIT Help Desk if you have any questions

Steps to Getting Started

  1.   Purchase subscription at CrashPlan using your email address.   Reminder: unlimited plans (1yr-4yr, not monthly) have a 25% discount.
  2.   Download and install client
  3.   Create your user account
  4.   Activate your license key
  5.   Start your backups