My UW Madison - Retention Times of Statements/Reports in MyUW

Statements/Reports on the work-related apps of MyUW have specific retention times.

My UW Madison has several statements including earning, benefit, tax etc.  It also includes leave, missing and sabbatical reports.  All of these statements have specific retention times which dictate how long they will be displayed in the portal.  Below is a list of the retention times:

 Benefit Statements  5 years
  • ETF
  • UW Staff Benefit
  • Benefit Enrollment Confirmation Forms
  • Benefit Enrollment Confirmation Forms for New Hires

 Earning Statements
 2 years up to June 19, 2014
 4 years June 19, 2014 forward
 Tax Statements
 4 years
  • 1042 S
  • 1095C
  • Fellowship Letter
  • W2
  • W2 C
  • Classified Sabbatical
 1 year
  •  Leave
 3 years
  •  Missing
 29 days