UW Digital ID - Customer - Credentialing Process

This document will summarize the steps required to be credentialed / ID verified for your one-time password (OTP) or digital certificate request.

When you submit a request for a UW Digital ID personal digital certificate or OTP token, you will be required to get identity proofed with a Local Registration Authority (LRA), in a process known as credentialing. This provides assurance that an assigned UW Digital ID belongs to the appropriate person and usage of that UW Digital ID proves assurance of your identity to individuals and to some systems, like HRS or SFS.

A Local Registration Authority (LRA) will credential you for most actions an administrator needs to take on a given UW Digital ID request (e.g. issuing a UW Digital ID, unlocking an OTP token, etc.). To find the the closest LRA to your location, please follow the instructions on this KB: 34509

You must bring two (2) forms of identification, one from each category below, to be properly credentialed.

  • UW Affiliation: UW ID Card, UW Health Card, HR Verification Form, Notary Public Form
  • Government-issued ID: State-issued Photo ID, US Military Card, Passport

If you have any issues that prevent you from physically meeting with your LRA (such as being indefinitely offsite), please contact UW Digital ID Administration for assistance at uwdigitalid@doit.wisc.edu