Directory Search (Mac) - Configuring Apple Mail 10.9 for White Pages

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This document explains how to configure the UW-Madison Directory (White Pages) search in Apple Mail and Contacts for OS X 10.9. In previous versions of OS X, the UW-Madison Directory (White Pages) search could be enabled through a setting in Apple Mail. In OS X 10.9, users must configure the directory search in Apple Contacts through the Internet Accounts tool in System Preferences.

  1. First, open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Apple Menu icon icon at the top-left of the screen and selecting System Preferences.

  2. Next, click on Internet Accounts.

    internet accounts icon
  3. If another account is already selected in the left column, click the plus sign plus sign within accounts menu icon in the bottom-left corner of the left column to begin adding a new account.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the list of account types in the right column. Select Add Other Account.

    Add other account menu selection
  5. Choose Add an LDAP account and click Create.

    Add LDAP account menu selection
  6. A blank form will open for you to add the LDAP account's configuration settings. To configure the UW-Madison Directory (White Pages), fill in the information as shown below. Once you have input the configuration information, click Create.

    Add LDAP account creation screen
    • Description: Directory Search
    • Search base: dc=wisc, dc=edu
    • Scope: Subtree
    • Server Address:
    • Port: 389
    • Use SSL: Unchecked
    • Authentication: None
  7. Your newly-configured UW-Madison Directory (White Pages) account should appear in the left-hand column of the Internet Accounts window. The account details will appear in the right-hand column.

    Directory Search selected within accounts screen
  8. Test the directory configuration by opening Apple Mail, starting a new message, and typing the name or email address of a UW-Madison contact into the To: field. If the directory is configured correctly, their information should auto-complete as you type it.

    new message ldap search test

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