Firefox (Win) - Managing Cookies

Access to some web sites, including web sites in the UW network, requires cookies. This document explains how to manage cookies in Firefox on Windows-based computers to meet your preferences. For general information on cookies, please see our document: Web Browsers - Cookies FAQ.

Privacy Settings

Cookie preferences in Firefox can be customized by following these steps:

  1. Click on Tools | Options | Privacy.

  2. Under History, choose Use custom settings for history.


Cookie preferences options include:

Accept cookies from sites
If selected, Firefox will accept cookies from sites. We recommend that you have this option checked, as many UW websites use cookies.

Accept third-party cookies
If selected, Firefox will accept cookies from when you are visiting

Keep until:
This drop-down menu sets how long cookies are stored on your computer.

Allows you to add exceptions to the rules you setup. You can add website and domains that you always accept cookies from or that you always block.

Show Cookies
Allows you to view a list of all active cookies associated with Firefox. You can remove individual cookies from the list by highlighting it and clicking Remove Cookie. To delete all cookies, press Remove All Cookies.

Press Remove all Cookies.