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JEMS - MAC Users Stalled in JEMS Application

This article lists two ways of exiting a stalled program on a MAC and an alternate method of accessing JEMS application for MAC users. It also has a method for MAC users to bypass the unidentified developer error setup config

"Since JAVA 7 update 45 was released in fall of 2013, Mac users have experienced problems accessing the Unclassified JEMS systems (PVL, Rate/Title Change, JEMS Hire, JEMS Job Changes) regardless of which browser is used.

Affected Mac users are able to log into the systems and get to the first screen but are unable to continue. When trying to navigate off of the first page, the application appears to 'hang' until the user forcibly closes the browser using either the key combination (COMMAND-OPTION-ESC) or the menu option (click APPLE and then "Force Quit").

Mac users should either install Windows on the machine, or use WAF (Windows Access Facility) to access the systems via a Windows environment. "

By-passing the unidentified developer error

MAC users will sometimes see the following message:

  • text of message

    frmservlet (2).jnlp cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
    macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware
  • image of message


Enable download from forms and by doing the following:

  1. open the Apple menu and then system preferences

  2. click on security & privacy and then general
    note: the image has detailed instructions

  3. add forms and as the sources

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