LabArchives: Add lab members

Members of your research group must be assigned to an appropriate role before they can access your group's notebooks in LabArchives.

To add lab member(s) to your UW-Madison LabArchives account, complete the following steps:

Request authorization for lab member(s)

Add the member(s) and assign his/her role in each notebook



  • Add the lab member’s campus email address (ending in in the field under 
  • Add a user to your notebook and select the appropriate role. See LabArchives: Roles for a description of the various roles


Once these steps are complete, the new lab member will receive an email with a link to log in using their NetID/password.

Note that if the user has not been added as a UW-LabArchives user before you share your notebook with them, they will be added as a guest to your notebook in the notebook. Guests have limited access and functionality on the UW-Madison LabArchives site (See LabArchives: Sharing).