LabArchives: Sharing

Sharing is a method for giving collaborators limited access to a notebook in LabArchives.

In LabArchives, sharing is a feature that is distinct from adding members (described in LabArchives: Add lab members) of your research lab/group to notebooks. Sharing:

  • Is most appropriate for colleagues and collaborators outside the UW-Madison. Sharing does not grant full access/functionality that is needed for lab members and ongoing collaborators. (See  LabArchives: Add lab members and [Link for document 43279 is unavailable at this time.] for more information about adding lab members and assigning roles.)
  • Automatically adds an individual to your notebook in the guest role (See [Link for document 43279 is unavailable at this time.] ). A guest can be given edit/read rights but retains edit rights for only 60 days.
  • Can be done at the level of a notebook, folder, page, or even entry.
  • Requires you to enter email addresses of individual(s) you want to share with and sends an email notification to the individual(s) with a link to access your notebook/page/entry.

Note: To ensure the security and privacy of research data in notebooks, the UW-Madison LabArchives site does not include a feature that allows public sharing of a notebook, folder, page, or entry via a URL or DOI (digital object identifier).