Blackboard Collaborate Original - Setting up Web Conferences in the My UW Madison Portal (Small Group Meeting Recommendations) (UW-Madison)

Faculty and staff can set up and manage web conferences directly from the My UW-Madison portal. This document shows you how to set up a web conference in the portal and make it available for attendees.

If you are using the default My UW Madison portal configuration, you can find the link to the Web Conferencing tool in the Services Tab menu.
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Setting up web conferences in the portal includes:

1. Creating a web conference and modifying its properties including name, date/time, and other settings 
2. Adding and inviting attendees 
3. Email invitations

 1. Creating a Web Conference and Modifying its Properties

1. Go to your My UW Madison portal page and click the Web Conferencing link in the Services Tab menu. The Web Conferencing screen opens.

2. Click the Schedule a Web Conferencing Session button. The Schedule a Web Conference Session screen opens.

3. Enter the following web conference details:
  • In the Session Name field, type the title of the conference.
  • In the Start field, enter a date and time for the conference to begin.
  • In the End field, enter the time and date for the conference to end, for an ongoing meeting it is recommended to set it up for at least a semester. This must be within 1 year of the start time.

Schedule a web conference.

4. You may also click on Additional Settings and configure any of the following optional settings:
  • Early Session Entry Period: Allows participants access to the session prior to the scheduled start time.
  • Max Simultaneous Talkers: Specify the default number of individuals that can speak at the same time during a session (6 is the maximum and is recommended). This setting can be changed by a Moderator during a session.
  • Max Cameras: Specify the default number of individuals that can share video captured on their webcam during a session (6 is the maximum and is recommended). This setting can be changed by a Moderator during a session. 
  • All Participants Have Full Permissions?: Allows all attendees, both Moderators and Participants, to have access to all of the tools in the session, such as the whiteboard, chat, audio/video, etc. The Moderator can disable access to specific tools for individuals or all Participants during the session.  Recommended that you enable this for this use case scenario.
  • Raise Hand on Entry?: A visual indicator ("hand raise") and audible alert when someone enters the session.
  • Recording Mode: Sessions can be recorded and viewed on-demand after completed. Selecting Manual requires the Moderator to initiate the recording and Automatic will record sessions immediately upon entry. We recommend that you disable this feature so all participants can speak freely.
  • Hide Names in Recordings: Hide the names of the attendees in recordings.
  • Allow In-Session Invitations: Permit moderators to send email invitations to potential attendees while a session is in progress.  Recommended if you will occasionally need to invite a guest.

5. Click Save Session.

 2. Adding and Inviting Attendees

The Session Details page will give you a Guest Link that you can send to potential participants. Anyone who has the generic Guest Link can join the web conference.

Optionally, you can send individual invitations to specific attendees or moderators through a process that generates a unique URL for each participant. The process to send an individual invitation is the same whether individual is a part of the University of Wisconsin or external to it. 

Individually invited participants will not see web conferences that they are invited to in their instance of the My UW Madison portal. Individually invited participants must join web conferences through a link emailed to them.

The individual invitation process is: 

1. In the Session List, click on the web conference session you’d like to add attendees to. The Web Conference session details page opens.

2. Click on Invite / Edit Participant(s). The Invite / Edit Participants page opens.

3. Type the name of the invitee in the name field. If they are part of UW System it will automatically look up the user in the UW System database.  If you see your invitees name click on their name and it will automatically fill out the email field with the invitees preferred email address.  If you don't find your invitee or want to invite someone outside of UW System fill out both the name and email address fields. 

4. Use the drop-down menu to designate the invitee as a moderator. 

5. Click Add Participant

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each invited participant.

7. When you’re done adding participants, click Complete.

8.  To join the Session click on Back to Session List and then click Join Now next to the Session name

Web conferencing Participants screen.

3. Email Invitations

All individually invited participants will receive and email

The email will also include a calendar invitation which participants can import into most major online calendar systems.

NOTE: Some email programs may filter this email by sending it to the user's spam or junk mail folder. If attendees report not receiving an email, please advise them to check their spam or junk mail folder.

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