Adding and Removing Office 365 Domain Administrators

This document explains how to use the Manifest service to add domain administrators for a given Office 365 domain.

  1. Log into Manifest

  2. Click on "Groups I administer"
    Image of "Groups I administer" button

  3. Navigate to the domain that you would like to edit and click "details".
    Image of "Details" button for Manifest group

  4. On the Group Details page click on the "Members" tab. 
    Image of the "Members" button in Manifest

  5. Click the "Add Members" button.
    Image of the "Add Members" button in Manifest

  6. Type the NetID(s) of the desired user(s) into the "Add individuals members" box. Click "+Add Individuals"
    Image of "Add individual members" box in Manifest

  7. The NetID(s) should now appear in the "Members to add" field. If everything is correct, click "save". 
    Image of "Members to add" field in Manifest

    The added NetIDs should now be domain administrators.