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Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g- Viewing and Removing Current Entitlements

This document details how to view and remove currently provisioned entitlements to HRS using Oracle Identity Manager (OIM).

Viewing Current Entitlements

  1. Click here to log into the OIM homepage. 

  2. If you are viewing entitlements for yourself, click on My Access in the toolbar at the top of the page. If you are viewing entitlements for another user, see 45682 before proceeding to step 3.

    OIM My Access Button

  3. Click the Entitlements tab to see a list of all currently provisioned entitlements. 

    OIM Entitlements Tab

  4. First sort the Entitlements under Resources so the ones with UWJOB display first these will display as HRS~Entitlement name. You see two sets of entitlements in this list that are duplicates, one set is related to OIM and the other is what is in HRS. The Entitlements we will work with all have the resource of UWJOB, if you try to remove a Peoplesoft User Entitlement it will not work. Once these are sorted you can click on an entitlement to see more information about it.

    Sorting Entitlements

Removing Entitlements

  1. Click on the entitlement(s) that you wish to remove and click Remove Entitlements, make sure you are removing the entitlements that start with HRS (in this case you see HRPRDEV because that is the environment we are in).

    Select Entitlements to remove

  2. Click on the plus symbol next to the supervisor field

    Supervisor Field Plus Symbol

  3. On the window that pops up, you can either type the name of the supervisor you are looking for and press the search arrow or you can leave the name boxes blank and just press the search arrow which will generate a list of people to choose from.

    Select Supervisor

  4. Click on your supervisor's entry to highlight it and then click Select. Your supervisor's name should now be entered in the Remove Entitlements page. 

    Supervisor Select Button

  5. Click Submit

    Submit Remove Entitlements Request Button
    Note: If the submit button or the supervisor's name does not appear, try closing all tabs but the Entitlements tab.

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