Thunderbird - How to fix problems with LDAP auto completion

This document explains how to fix Thunderbird if the LDAP auto completion is not working properly when composing a message. This document is relevant for Thunderbird 1.5 or later.

  1. Open Thunderbird. Click Tools -> Options (Mac users: Thunderbird -> Preferences).
  2. Click the Advanced Tab. On the General page click Config Editor.
  3. In the Filter field type: ldap_2
  4. Find the LDAP server name in the configuration list. This name will vary depending on what you named the LDAP server during setup.
  5. Find 'ldap_2.autoComplete.directoryServer' in the configuration list. Double-click the preference to modify it.
  6. Type the LDAP server name in this field to set the default search directory. Click OK.
  7. Exit and restart Thunderbird.
  8. Thunderbird will now auto complete email adresses using the LDAP when composing email messages.

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