Windows - Running TDSSK

This document gives the specific instructions for running TDSSK. TDSSK is rootkit detecting software made by Kaspersky. Click here to download TDSSK.

Unsupported Software

The tools in this document are not developed or supported by DoIT. The University of Wisconsin is not liable for any loss of data resulting from use of these tools. Please make sure that your data is backed up. If you are having a computer problem that you are unable to resolve, Get Help from DoIT.

  1. Run the TDSSK application and select Yes to any administrative prompts.

  2. 1Run_TDSSK.PNG

  3. After reading the terms and conditions at your discretion, select Accept.

  4. 2AgreeTC.PNG

  5. After reading the network agreement at your discretion, select Accept.

  6. 3Agree_KSN_Statement.PNG

  7. Select Start scan.

  8. 4StartScan.PNG

  9. If TDSSK finds any threats, there is likely a rootkit installed on your system. Although TDSSK may be able to remove threats, we recommend bring the computer into the DoIT Tech Store for a complete wipe of the hard drive.

  10. 5Results.PNG