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AEFIS - Eval - Getting Started with Online Course Evaluations (Admin)

This document provides resources and instructions for getting started as an AEFIS administrator for course evaluations. All AEFIS course evaluation KBs say AEFIS - Eval in front of each title.

AEFIS LLC (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System) is a web-based assessment management platform that facilitates the collection and application of real-time assessment data. For more information about the transition to online course evaluations visit the Digital Course Evaluation Surveys.

Overview of AEFIS Course Evaluations

There are three steps to complete to create AEFIS course evaluations. 

  1. Create a survey template - the template has all of the course evaluation questions. Once completed, this step only needs to be repeated if questions change or need editing, or you have a second template. 
  2. Schedule the survey template - each template needs a survey schedule. If you have one template for your entire department, only one survey schedule is needed each semester. Plus you can set it to run automatically each semester. 
  3. Survey Instance - the survey instance is where you assign each course section that needs to complete an evaluation. Course section assignment must be completed each semester. 

For each of the steps above, further details are listed below. 

Accessing AEFIS

Unlike student and instructor accounts, AEFIS college/department administrator accounts are NOT created automatically. To request a new AEFIS administrator account, see AEFIS - Users - Requesting a User Account.

After your account has been set up, you can log into AEFIS at

Initial Setup

When you first get access to AEFIS, you should perform some initial setup tasks.

Creating a Survey Template

Survey Templates are where you set up the questions that you are going to release to the survey participants (that is, the students).

Setting up a Survey Schedule

After you have completed and published your Survey Template, you will need to set up a Survey Schedule. Survey Schedules determine when your survey will be sent. The Survey Schedule name is the name the students will see. You can create a new Survey Schedule every semester or, if your survey will not be changing from semester to semester, you can set the schedule to run every semester (recommended).

Managing and Assigning Course Sections to Survey

A Survey is what most users think of as the actual survey. You will hear it called survey instance in many of our trainings and documentations. It is created after you publish your Survey Schedule.

You can perform administrative tasks at the Survey level, such as changing release dates, excluding instructors from evaluation, and adding section-specific evaluation questions.

Most importantly, you must assign your Survey to the course sections in your department that you wish to survey. If you do not assign the survey, students will not be able to take it. Course sections must be assigned new every semester.

Creating Reports

Additional Resources

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