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Web Accessibility - Captioning Video with 'World Caption' - Free Tool!

Captioning video benefits not only deaf and hard of hearing populations, but also those learning language e.g, children and english as a second language speakers, anyone in a noisy environment, or anyone anyone who is searching for web content that is video based.

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What is World Caption?

World Caption is a program for adding captions to a QuickTime compatible video, using a transcript of that video. While World Caption cannot be used to generate a transcript, it makes the process of synchronizing a transcript to video simple, and allows quick and easy generation of captions.

Download a copy of the 'World Caption' program

System Requirements:

World Caption requires Mac OS X version 10.4 or later

See a brief video demonstrating the 'World Caption' Tool - one of DoIT's Accessibility Video's.

About World Caption and Requirements

Quick Start to World Caption:

The program's window has two panes. The upper pane holds the movie file being captioned, and the lower pane holds the captions. Drag a movie to the upper pane, and a transcript (UTF-8 encoded ASCII file) to the lower pane. You'll see a series of captions in the lower pane. You can set the time of a caption by playing the movie, and placing a check mark in the front of a caption when you hear the caption.

Apple-down arrow will select the next caption that should probably be synchronized. Apple-left arrow and apple-right arrow will adjust the time of the selected caption.

Dragging a second text file to the lower pane will create a second caption track. Each track can be different language, font, color, etc. Adjust the preferences using the controls on the right side of the window.
Defaults for new tracks may be set via preferences.

Caption tracks may be either graphic tracks, or text tracks. A text track will need to rendered during playback. If the font required for rendering is not installed on the machine playing the movie, rendering won't work. On the other hand, text tracks can be searched, and scale well.

Graphic tracks are pre-rendered, when the movie is created. This means the font needed for rendering does not need to be present on the machine used for playback. On the other hand, graphic tracks become pixellated when scaled, and cannot be searched.

You don't need to set the time of every caption. The program will adjust the time of the other captions whenever you set the time of a particular caption.

You can search for captions by typing in the search box.

Preview the captioned movie by clicking the "preview" button.

Export the movie via the "Export..." choice on the file menu.

More Detailed Help:

World Caption - Importing Video
World Caption - Adding Captions
World Caption - Adjusting Captions
World Caption - Exporting Video

Additional information is available on how to obtain transcripts and more captioning resources.

Examples of videos captioned that used the 'World Caption Tool'
UW-Madison Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)
2007 Engage video

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