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Canvas - About the SCORM tool in Canvas (UW-Madison)

This document outlines the basic functionality of the SCORM tool in Canvas, and how to access it.

    About the SCORM tool in Canvas

    Canvas provides a simple SCORM player that can be used with a variety of SCORM packages produced from applications like Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. With the Canvas SCORM tool, you can upload SCORM packages into a course and use them as either graded or ungraded assignments.

    The Canvas SCORM tool can play SCORM content and, if you wish, return a score to the Canvas gradebook. Some things to note:
    • A SCORM assignment does not provide reports on other tracking that may occur within the SCORM package, regardless of how the SCORM package is set up. For example there is no way to see how a student answered a particular question within a SCORM assignment.
    • Students can re-take a SCORM assignment as many times as they would like within the Available From / To dates and times.
    • A SCORM assignment only takes the student's most recent attempt. There is no functionality to configure it to take the highest score for example. If a student re-enters a SCORM module they have already taken and exit it without answering questions, it will reset their score to 0.

    We recommend that you test any SCORM based assignment you upload to your course by using the test student feature. You can make sure the assignment functions as you would expect and sends a grade to the gradebook before making it available to your students. You need to be familiar with how a SCORM assignment functions so you can provide instructions so your students will know how to complete a SCORM assignment. 

    For example if check the "Load This Tool In A New Tab" for the assignment, when the student loads the assignment it will launch in a new tab. The student must get to the end of the SCORM assignment and close the tab in order for the grade to be passed to the gradebook. Also, if you are playing back a SCORM object and click the "load in new tab" button you may get a browser error messag which says something like " says: Failed to initialize communication with the LMS!" but the student should still be able to successfully complete the assignment.

    Adding the SCORM tool to your course navigation

    SCORM is hidden by default. To add the tool to your course navigation menu, move it from the section of hidden tools to the main section; see Instructure's guide How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links?

    Using the SCORM tool

    For more details about how to use the SCORM tool, please see  Instructure's guide How do I import SCORM files as an assignment?

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