KMS Automatic Discovery Set-Up

This documentation will highlight the steps that should be taken to test whether or not a KMS SRV record exists in the DNS zone of a computer and how to request the set up of this record if it does not exist. Once the entry can be is confirmed working in your specific DNS zone, KMS automatic discovery will be available.

For automatic discovery to work, a KMS SRV record must be present in the DNS zone of a computer.

An example of this would be a computer with a DNS entry of  This computer would check the zone for a KMS SRV record, but no other zones.

The following steps may be followed to determine whether or not the required KMS SRV record is present in a domain.  You must be on a campus network for this to work.
  1. Open up command prompt or terminal and run the following command (opening command prompt as an administrator is optional):
  2. If the correct record is present, the following should be seen along with a number of other entries:
  3. If the above record entry is not present, please contact your network administrator and request the below DNS entry be entered in your DNS zone: