Former Employees - Access to Earning/Leave/Tax/Benefit Statements

This document explains how former employees (facstaff and student) can obtain copies of their earning, tax and benefit statements. When affiliation with the University of Wisconsin ends, employees lose access to HRS. This will prevent former employees from accessing their tax and earnings statements electronically. Former employees will not be able to update their address information.

UW-Madison employees (facstaff and student) that have recently terminated currently have access to My UW for up to 24 months, at which time access to MyUW will terminate.  Access to HRS Self Service for earning statements and tax statements will terminate on the appointment end date.   

If you are an employee and still need to get copies of documents, see contact information below:

Contact Human Resources

If your affiliation with the University of Wisconsin has ended and you need access to HRS information like earnings statements or tax statements, contact the UW Service Center. You can contact them at this address:

If your mailing address has changed, be sure to have your human resources representative update that information.