WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Text Block Page Element

This document explains how to add a Text Block to your pages and how to use the Text Block. For an example, see (link to demo site).

Text Blocks allow you to have an editable blocks of text for you to add to your site. You can add text, media, or embed third party code (e.g. YouTube) to display in your Text Blocks. They are available in one, two, and three column layouts.

Layout Availability

The Text Block is available in the One, Two, and Three Column Content Layout option.

Best Practices

Adding a Text Block

  1. Navigate to the page on which you want to add a Text Block.
  2. Scroll to the Primary Content Area and the Layout on which you want to add a Text Block.
  3. At the bottom of that Layout, click on Add Page Element.
  4. On the Page Element list, click on Text Block.

Visual Options

The visual tab offers a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to add your content without knowing how to code. The icons offer standard options that can be found in other word processing software like Word and Google Docs. You can also use the Visual tab to add an image for your Media Library to your Text Block.

Text Options

The text tab offers those with HTML knowledge to add HTML to the page and stylize their text as they'd like. You can also use this section to add embed codes from third party applications.