Interactive Reporting - Do You Have a TNSNAMES.ORA File

This document tells you how to check for InfoAccess data base connection information in your TNSNAMES.ORA file on your PC.

Note: Interactive Reporting, including both the IR Workspace (web) and the Studio Desktop client, will be decommissioned on March 1st, 2019. Neither the web nor the desktop software will be available or supported after this date.

UW-Madison affiliates can find more information on alternative tools on the Office of Data Management and Analytics Services website.

Other UW System affiliates can find additional information, as well as a list of support contacts, on the UWBI Support website.

To directly access data bases on Oracle servers using a query tool you will need a file on your PC with the connection information.  That file is named TNSNames.ora.  If you are already accessing other Oracle database servers you have a TNSNAMES.ORA file. The TNSNAMES.ORA file must contain connection information for any Oracle servers your computer accesses.  If the data base (server) you want to access is not in this file you must add it in order to connect to the data base.

The TNSNAMES.ORA file distributed by DoIT contains a list of for Oracle servers DoIT supports.  Oracle servers run by DoIT are in the file but it does not have all the campus-supported servers listed. If other Oracle servers are being accessed, the TNSNAMES.ORA file must be updated to include those servers. Therefore, users will need to contact the Oracle server administrator for connection information.

If the TNSNAMES.ORA file does not contain the InfoAccess database connection information, email for assistance.
If the TNSNAMES.ORA file does not contain the WISDM database connection information, email for assistance.
If the TNSNAMES.ORA file does not contain the EPM database connection information, refer to for assistance.

Make sure the TNSNAMES.ORA file contains the InfoAccess data base address. You can find the TNSNAMES.ORA file in C:\app\'users folder'\product\11.X.X\client_X\NETWORK\ADMIN or a similar path depending on the version of Oracle you have installed on your PC.  An easy way to find your TNSNames.ora file is to perform a 'Search' on your computer.  Enter TNSNames.ora and let you PC locate the file.  If you have a file on your PC the path will end in &no_frill=1"\NETWORK\ADMIN\".  Open the file with NotePad.  To make sure you file has the you want data base listed go to: Edit->Find and search for the data base you want to connect with (InfoAccess, EPM, WISDM).  You can perform this same search for other servers you want to connect to as well.

Please remember if you need to edit this file you must open it with Notepad by right clicking on the Notepad application under 'Programs' and selecting 'Run As Administrator'.