Symantec Endpoint Protection - Displaying the Current Version and Virus Definition Dates

This document explains how to find the version number of Symantec Endpoint Protection for Windows and Mac.

You must be using version must be 11.x or higher to receive support from DoIT. If you need to upgrade, see Symantec Endpoint Protection- Service Description for instructions.

Note: If you are using a centrally managed version of SAVCE or SEP, consult with your system administrator before upgrading. If you do not know if your client is managed or not, follow the steps in this document: Symantec Endpoint Protection (Win) - Determining If Your Client is Managed vs. Unmanaged.


  1. Double-click on the yellow SEP shield in the task tray.

  2. This opens the SEP Status screen. This will list both your Antivirus and Antispyware Protection Definition dates, as well as your proactive Threat Protection dates.

  3. To find the program version, click the Help button in the upper right of the Status window, and select About.... This will give you the version number.


  1. In the status menu select the Symantec Shield icon SymatecShield.png. Then under Symantec Endpoint Protection click Open Symantec Endpoint Protection.


  2. On the application menu bar under Symantec Endpoint Protection select About Symantec Endpoint Protection.


  3. The version number will be listed on the information screen that opens.