WiscVPN (Linux) - Installing and Connecting with VPNC

There is NOT a GlobalProtect (Palo Alto) VPN client for Linux. However, Linux users can connect to VPN using a free, third-party client called VPNC. This document describes how to configure VPNC for common versions of Linux.

Note: These directions are for specifically for Ubuntu, the process should be similiar for other versions of Linux


1. To install the VPN Software, open command prompt and enter the following 

sudo apt-get install vpnc

2. Create a configuration file "/etc/vpnc/uwmadison.conf"

sudo touch /etc/vpnc/uwmadison.conf

3. Using your prefered text editor, populate the configuration file with the following information:  (You must run the text editor as sudo)

IPSec gateway uwmadison.vpn.wisc.edu
IPSec ID vpnw1sc2002
IPSec secret vpnw1sc2002
Xauth username 


4. To connect run the following command.  You will be prompted for your password. 

sudo vpnc uwmadison.conf

Password Prompt

5. A successful connection will look like the following:

Succesful Conneftion

6. To end the connection:

sudo killall vpnc

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