WiscVPN - Uninstalling the Palo Alto GlobalProtect Client (Mac)

This document describes how to uninstall the Palo Alto GlobalProtect client on a Mac.

Uninstalling Palo Alto GlobalProtect

In order to uninstall GlobalProtect, you must use the Install tool to download the uninstaller. 
  1. Run the GlobalProtect installer file from when you downloaded the application. If you are unable to locate it, download it here: MacOS Palo Alto GlobalProtect Download File.

  2. On the Introduction page, select Continue.

  3. On the Destination Select page, click 'Install for all users of this computer', then Continue.

  4. Globalprotect1.PNG

  5. Uncheck 'GlobalProtect', then check 'Uninstall GlobalProtect', then click Continue.

  6. Globalprotect2.PNG

  7. Click 'Install' to run the Uninstall tool.

To completely remove GlobalProtect from your system, please follow the uninstallation steps above, then delete the following folders from your computer using the following pathways:

Finder > Library > Application Support > PaloAltoNetworks

Finder > Applications > GlobalProtect

Finder > Users > {UserName} > Library > Application Support > PaloAltoNetworks /Library/Preferences/com.paloaltonetworks.GlobalProtect.settings.plist

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