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Kaltura - Known Issue - Students on Mobile Devices Receive "No source video was found" Error when viewing Kaltura media (UW-Madison)

Students on mobile devices trying to play Kaltura media may see an error "No source video was found."

A screenshot showing a mobile browser witht the message "Error: No source video was found".


Students on mobile devices (iOS and Android) who attempt to play Kaltura media that has one of two causes:

  1. The original video was uploaded at a low resolution (640 x 360 for example) or data rate where Kaltura does not produce a specific mobile version.
  2. The original video was uploaded during a specific time period: January 12, 2015 - January 26, 2015.


As of 6/12/19 the issue is still present.


If you encounter this issue there are three workarounds:

  1. View the video in Chrome or Firefox on a computer running Windows or OSX.
  2. The instructor can upload a version of the video at 1280x720 with a 4000 kb/s data rate which Kaltura will produce a mobile friendly version of. It can either be uploaded as a new video or the instructor can use Kaltura's Replace Media feature to upload the new video into the existing video's entry:
    1. Select the video that you would like to replace, and then click Actions→Edit.
    2. Click on the Replace Media tab.
    3. Click Upload from Desktop.
    4. Select the replacement video, and then click Save. Kaltura will replace the original problem video with a new video and should produce a mobile version.
  3. Contact the DoIT Help Desk to report the issue and have it escalated to the Learn@UW-Madison team. The Learn@UW-Madison team can try to manually produce a mobile friendly version of the problem video.

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