Engage - Using the Keep on Device feature to read offline

This document outlines how to use Engage's "Keep on Device" feature and certain issues you may encounter with it.

Engage is primarily meant to be used while connected to the Internet but includes a feature for offline reading for smaller documents. The Keep on Device feature lets you read your course material when you don't have internet access, whether over only a brief moment of lost connectivity or an extended time off-line that you planned for in advance. Keep on Device in Engage is currently supported by the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers used on the desktop.

  1. When logged into Engage, select ... (the blue circle), and then Keep on device:

    A screenshot showing the user clicking on the Engage three dot menu and selecting "Keep on device."

  2. An indicator appears on the tile showing the progress of the download. This process may take a while and the course material content can take up a lot of storage on your computer.

More detailed instructions can be found in Unizin's Engage documentation. There is also a known issue where larger eTexts may stall when downloading. For more information please see Engage - Known Issue - Offline reading download stalls.