Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - Getting Started with Pressbooks to author interactive modules [UW-Madison]

On May 26, the custom plugins allowing for some advanced content authoring and reporting features in Pressbooks will be decommissioned, and users will no longer be able to develop graded assignments with Pressbooks or collect learning analytics data. If you have questions or would like assistance planning for this change, please contact the DoIT Help Desk to request a consultation.

This document outlines steps needed to author interactive modules with Pressbooks and embed them in a Canvas course.

Pressbooks lets you author texts for both the web and also in formats like PDF, Mobi, and EPUB. UW-Madison has also invested in developing and integrating plugins with Pressbooks which allow users to create interactive modules with Pressbooks. This document contains an outline of the steps needed to author interactive modules with Pressbooks and embed those modules in a Canvas course. If you are more interested in using Pressbooks for its core book authoring capability please see Pressbooks - Overview [UW-Madison] .

Using Pressbooks to author interactive modules

While the features of Pressbooks allowing users to author texts, create interactive content, and embed that content into Canvas is fairly stable, the integration which allows grades to be sent to the Canvas gradebook (grade-passback) is not. To use grade-passback, users must do a fair amount of configuration and due to frequent updates to different pieces of software, it's possible for grade-passback to abruptly stop working. 

Because of the complexity of the grade-passback functionality, we recommend that users new to Pressbooks request a consultation with the Learn@UW-Madison team via the DoIT Help Desk before embarking in the use of Pressbooks with these additional interactive features. KB documents loosely following common steps in the process are outlined in the steps below. 

If you have questions about the instructions in this document, please reach out to the DoIT Help Desk.