HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Creating and Editing Questions (Admin) [UW-Madison]

AEFIS is now HelioCampus AC. For information about the HelioCampus AC rebrand, review this KnowledgeBase document

This document describes how to create and edit questions on an HelioCampus AC (Formerly AEFIS) survey form. You must be an HelioCampus AC (Formerly AEFIS) administrator in order to edit survey forms.

A survey form can be edited only if it is in Draft status. If the survey form is in Published status, you may be able to restore it to Draft status, so long as no survey schedule has employed the form, and no students have responded to that survey. Once a survey form has been used (in Published status) it can no longer be edited. The only option will be to create a copy, and make the desired edits to the copy. See HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Creating a Survey Form (Admin) [UW-Madison]


Edit the Survey Form Design

Navigate to Forms

  1. Log into HelioCampus AC with your NetID credentials.
  2. Select the Menu button (three stacked lines) on the left side of the page to open the HelioCampus AC main menu.
  3. Select Survey Form Designer under Surveys.
    HelioCampus AC menu with Survey Form Designer highlighted

Select Form to Edit

  1. Navigate to the form you want to edit. Confirm that the survey form is in Draft status and select Manage.
    Heliocampus AC survey form manager
  2. You will be brought to the Survey Form Manager page. Select Form Designer from the left menu bar.
    The Template Designer option is under Design in the left menu bar
  3. Select the blue Edit button on the upper right side of the page.
    The Edit button is on the upper half of the page, near Export

Create a New Survey Question

After navigating to the survey form designer editing page:

  1. Scroll over or select the three dot icon to expand the section menu.
    The icon looks like three vertical dots on a blue background
  2. Select the + icon to create a new question.
    Scrolling over the icon will reveal additional options
  3. Select the type of question you would like to create from the left panel of the Add Question box. See HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Question Types, Settings, and Configurations (Admin and Instructor) [UW-Madison] for descriptions of each question type.
    Select a question type from the left menu bar
  4. Add your question text. If creating a multiple choice question, add designated responses.
    Note: Do not add a No Answer or Not Applicable option as one of the responses, because then a value is assigned. To have no value given, make sure to use the No Answer Option. Choose the No Answer Option, change it from Do not show to either prepend or append
  5. If you would like to use this question on future survey forms, click the Save to Question Library checkbox.
  6. Once finished, click the blue Save button.

Create a Matrix Question

Using Matrix questions, a department can ask questions in a grid format. This allows the department to ask several questions in one grid. For example, one survey may contain a matrix with 6 questions, and ask students to rank a statement from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree.

Course and instructor-type matrix questions function differently than other question types. To create a matrix question:

  1. Create all of the Multiple Choice or Instructor Multiple Choice questions that you wish to use in the matrix. The questions must have the same answer options to be grouped together.
  2. Click the gear icon at the bottom left of the first question in the matrix. Select Configure from the drop down; located next to the "matrix question" checkbox.
    Question configuration options
  3. In the window that appears, add a matrix title and select the multiple choice questions that you wish to include in the matrix.
  4. To remove a matrix, click the gear icon again, uncheck the Matrix Question checkbox, then press the blue checkmark to confirm the change.

End-users will see a matrix question as depicted in the image below. Each row in this matrix was created in the survey form as a separate multiple choice question with identical answer options (e.g. "Strongly Disagree" to "Strongly Agree").

example of matrix question

How does a matrix question display results?

When displaying results for a matrix question, the survey will:

  • Display the data for each question.
  • Not provide an overall average.
  • Show the average value for each unique question response.
  • Export the raw data for each question in the grid as a separate question.

Edit or Copy an Existing Survey Question

Your list of questions you have created so far will appear on the survey form designer editing page, found in this KB document: HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Question Types, Settings, and Configurations (Admin and Instructor) [UW-Madison] 

  1. Select the QUESTION-[#] button.
    Select the QUESTION-Number button

  2. Select Copy to make a make a copy of your question.
    1. A new dialog box will open with a copy of your question text and options. You can modify your question type, text, or options.
    2. Save your question. The copy will not be created unless you save.
      Select Copy from dropdown menu

  3. Select Edit to make a change your question type or content.
    1. Editing will reopen your question dialog box. You can modify your question type, text, or options.
    2. Remember to save your changes.
      Select Edit from dropdown menu

  4. For more options, select the gear icon on the lower left corner of the question.
    Select the Gear icon
    1. Here, you can make a question required, assign numeric values, or edit other configuration options. (Note: Not all questions will have a gear icon.)
      1. Check the boxes next to your desired options.
      2. To find out more about configuration options, including recommendations, see Question Configuration Options.
      3. When you've finished editing, select the blue Checkmark button to save.
        Select Checkmark icon

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