WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Automated Repository Process

This document will walk you through the automated process of creating a CSV file to create new repositories in GitLab.

In order for the devs to create new repositories in GitLab with the automated process, they need to have a CSV file with certain information for each site.

Please refer to the README file for more information about this process: https://git.doit.wisc.edu/wwcms-team/uwtheme-cli/blob/master/README.md#uwtheme-batch-options 

  1. Download the blank Excel spreadsheet here: themes.csv
  2. In the 'name' column, add the project names of the sites that need new repos
  3. In the 'identifier' column, type in "uw-theme-child-themename"
  4. If the site needs to change colors, add the hex code to the 'main_color' column
  5. If the site needs a new image (in place of the crest), add in the relative or absolute path to the image.
  6. If the site cannot use Verlag, type FALSE in the 'licensed_fonts' column. If it needs Verlag, just leave it blank.
  7. Leave the 'npm_install' and 'gitlab_publish' columns empty unless you hear otherwise from a developer. 
  8. Save the file as a .csv file and upload to a Jira ticket.