Kaltura - Forms for Requesting Bulk Changes to Kaltura Media [UW-Madison]

In Kaltura MediaSpace, some changes to large amounts of media can only be done by a Learn@UW-Madison Kaltura system administrator. This document links to forms that allow you to request bulk ownership changes, bulk co-editor, co-publisher, co-viewer additions, bulk downloads of Kaltura media content, and how to request restoration of deleted Kaltura media.

Kaltura MediaSpace users can change the ownership and add co-editors and co-publishers of their media content or download items one at a time. If users need to perform these actions on a large amount of media, they can fill out one of the forms below to request administrator assistance. It may take up to five business days for administrators to fulfill bulk changes.

Bulk ownership change request

If you would like to change ownership of a large number of your media items, please fill out the form at https://go.wisc.edu/bf913m. Ownership of media content must be transferred to an individual with a valid, active NetID.

Bulk video download request

If you would like download a large number of media items, please fill out the form at https://go.wisc.edu/jr5om6. The Bulk Download process is limited to 500 media items. After the process completes, it will generate an email that is sent to the requested user. The user is responsible for manually downloading each video from the links generated. The links are active for approximately 24 hours.

Kaltura groups

Kaltura groups allow collections of users to manage Kaltura media and channels. More information on Kaltura groups and links to forms on requesting one is available at Kaltura - Groups [UW-Madison] .

Add co-editor, co-publisher, or co-viewer bulk request

If you would like to add a co-editor, co-publisher, or co-viewer for a larger number of media items, please fill out the form at https://go.wisc.edu/2njd7g.

Request restoration of deleted media

Learn@UW-Madison can request that deleted Kaltura media be restored for approximately a week past its deletion. To request restoration of deleted media please fill out the form at: https://go.wisc.edu/76u7i7. Remember to keep original copies of any media you upload to Kaltura MediaSpace.

Other bulk requests

To inquire into the availability of other bulk media updates, email learnuwsupport@wisc.edu.

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