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e-Reimbursement - Finding keyboard shortcuts for given screen

e-Reimbursement supports keyboard shortcuts in several of its functions. To bring up a list of supported keyboard shortcuts, press ctrl+K (simultaneously press the control and K keys) or ctrl+shift+K depending on your web browser. Press those keys again or click "continue" to exit the keyboard shortcuts list.

Below is an example of the list of hotkeys returned by ctrl+K or ctrl+shift+K. For the most accurate list of hotkeys, always check e-Reimbursement using ctrl+K or ctrl+shift+K.

Accessing your application using the keyboard

Keyboard navigation is controlled by Hot keys and Access keys.

List of Hot Keys

  • Alt 1 -- Executes different buttons depending on the page type
    • Save button on the Toolbar in a page
    • OK button on a secondary page
    • Search or Add button on a Search or Lookup page
  • Alt 2 -- Return to Search
  • Alt 3 -- Next in List
  • Alt 4 -- Previous in List
  • Alt 5 -- Valid Lookup Values
  • Alt 6 -- Related Links
  • Alt 7 -- Insert Row in grid or scroll area
  • Alt 8 -- Delete Row in grid or scroll area
  • Alt 0 -- Refreshes the page by invoking the Refresh button on the Toolbar
  • Alt . -- Next set of rows in grid or scroll area [e.g., Alt period]
  • Alt , -- Previous set of rows in grid or scroll area [e.g., Alt comma]
  • Alt / -- Find in grid or scroll area [e.g., Alt forward slash]
  • Alt ' -- View All in grid or scroll area [e.g., Alt prime]
  • Alt \ -- Toggle between Add and Update on the Search page [e.g., Alt backslash]
  • Ctrl J -- System Information
  • Ctrl K -- Keyboard Information
  • Ctrl Y -- Toggle menu between collapse and expand.
  • Ctrl Tab -- Toggles focus through the frame set
  • Enter -- Invokes the following buttons where present: OK, Search, Lookup
  • Esc -- Cancel

List of Access Keys

  • Alt 9 -- Takes you to the Help line
  • Alt \ -- Takes you to the Toolbar [e.g., Alt backslash Enter]
  • Ctrl Z -- Takes you to the Search box of the Menu

Menu Access Keys

The Ctrl Z combination will focus your cursor onto the menuing system. From there, you can use your tab key ( or shift-tab to reverse direction ) to navigate through the menu hierarchy.

About Access keys and Hot keys

An Access Key is an Alt key combination that moves focus to a specified field on the current page. For example, Alt \ moves focus to first button on the Toolbar. Then pressing the Enter key would invoke that action. Or, you may use the Tab key to move you to the next Toolbar button.

A Hot Key performs an immediate action. For example, when focus is in a field that has lookup processing, Alt 5 invokes the Lookup page without having to press the Enter key.

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