Office 365 - Transition from WiscList to Office 365 Groups

This document will provide step-by-step instructions on how to move your distribution list from WiscList to an Office 365 Group.

Step 1: Export multiple members from your WiscList

This information can be used to add the WiscList members to the Office 365 Group - via Step 3 listed below.

Step 2: Create an Office 365 Group

Step 3: Invite colleagues to your Office 365 Group

Important: This process can only be used for users/addresses that are within UW-Madison's Office 365 tenant. If you want to add an address that is external, say, you will need to use Outlook on the web to add them.

Step 4: Transition mail flow from WiscList to Office 365 Group

  1. Configure your Office 365 Group to allow messages from outside the organization.
  2. Add your Office 365 Group as a member to your WiscList so it is the only member of your list.

Office 365 Group members and guests can continue to post to the original WiscList until it is deleted.

Step 5: Start using your Group

Step 6: Archive WiscList messages (optional)

Step 7: Delete your WiscList