WiscVPN - Uninstalling the Palo Alto GlobalProtect Client (Android)

This document explains how to completely remove the Palo Alto GlobalProtect app as well as its VPN configuration settings.

How to Uninstall the Palo Alto GlobalProtect App on Android

Because of variations in devices and versions of the Android operating system, it is possible these screenshots will not reflect what you see on your own device. The steps to follow will still be similar. 

Method One

    1. Locate the GlobalProtect app in your app drawer. You can also search for "GlobalProtect".

Global protect App

    1. Press and hold the app until you see the "Uninstall" option. Tap Uninstall to delete the app from your device.

Uninstall option

Method Two

    1. Navigate to the Settings app or menu on your device. Look for an option that says Apps and tap to open it.

"Apps" in settings

    1. In the Apps page,  scroll down to find the GlobalProtect App. Tap to open it.

Global Protect in App settings

    1. Tap UNINSTALL to delete the app.

Uninstall option

Checking for and Deleting VPN Profile

When using GlobalProtect, a VPN profile is created on your phone. After deleting the app, it is usually deleted as well. To check for a VPN profile, we can find it in a device's settings. Deleting GlobalProtect's VPN profile can also be done to troubleshoot connection issues. 
    1. Navigate to the Settings app or menu on your device. Look for the option that says Connections and tap to open it.

Connections in settings

    1. Within the Connections page, look for More connection settings. You may need to scroll down to find it.

"More options" in settings

    1. Tap on VPN.

VPN option in "More connection settings"

    1. Within the VPN menu, find GlobalProtect and tap the settings icon next to it. Tapping on "GlobalProtect" will open the GlobalProtect app.

Global Protect VPN

    1. In the menu that appears, select Delete VPN profile.

Option to delete VPN profile

    1. A confirmation pop-up may appear. Select Delete.

Delete conformation

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