1. Get Help from DoIT
  2. Phishing Detection and Remediation
  3. Mass Emailing Guidelines
  4. Computer Security Check List
  5. Computing at UW - Backing up Your Personal Data
  6. Qualys - URLs for UW System Campus Schools [Campus login required]
  7. Change Freezes
  8. MFA-Duo - How can I activate the "Remember Me" function?
  9. Cisco Anyconnect - iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Downloading and Installing Cisco AnyConnect App for iOS
  10. Student Resources for Scanning and Uploading work (UW-Madison)
  11. Help Desk - Access to DoIT Support for Primary Tech Partners
  12. Office 365 - What should I expect when I am no longer a Faculty, Staff, or Student?
  13. Windows - Frequently Asked Questions
  14. Qualys WAS - How To download and set up Selenium IDE for Web Application Authentication script [Campus login required]
  15. Scholarships Application and Advanced Opportunity Fellowship Application Program Instructions
  16. Adobe Acrobat - Combining Multiple Files into a Single PDF
  17. Voice/Telephone Services (Centrex) - Options for Forwarding Calls
  18. Printers - Getting help with printer trouble from the DoIT Help Desk
  19. Office 365 - How will a license change impact the Office 365 license I purchased from the DoIT Tech Store?
  20. Office 365 - Backup OneDrive for Business data
  21. Office 365 - How can I remove my UW-Madison Office 365 account from my personal Microsoft account?
  22. Problems Logging into the DOA Fleet Management Website
  23. About the DoIT Help Desk
  24. DoIT Data Center Access Control Policy
  25. UW-Madison's Dell Account Team [Campus login required]
  26. How to Find Your DoIT Number
  27. Green IT - Activating power management settings in Windows and Mac OS X
  28. Campus Departmental Computer Labs
  29. Qualys WAS - Crawl Scope [Campus login required]
  30. Qualys VM - How to Install Qualys Cloud Agents [Campus login required]
  31. Office 365 - What version of Microsoft Office is affected by a license change?
  32. Office 365 - Your subscription has expired
  33. InfoLabs - Frequently Asked Questions
  34. Term Withdrawal FAQ
  35. Office 365 - How will Emeriti with paid appointments be affected?
  36. Microsoft Learning at UW-Madison [Campus login required]
  37. Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Service Description
  38. HTML Self-Help
  39. Dell Contact Information
  40. InfoLabs - Service Description
  41. Office 365 - What are recommended productivity tools after a license change?
  42. Security - How to Report Stolen Computers and Equipment
  43. Basic Computer Hardware Guide
  44. SSL / TLS Certificates and Configuration: Evaluating the State of your Web Server [Campus login required]
  45. DoIT User Services Strategic Planning
  46. Parking Application Process
  47. Networking Hardware Quick Guide
  48. Doodle - Create a UW-Madison Account
  49. File Sharing - General Information
  50. Shibboleth - Logging into CICme
  51. DoIT Number - How to Register to Create/Edit DoIT Numbers and Funding Information
  52. Securing Printers
  53. DoIT Shared Version Control - code.doit.wisc.edu (subversion) FAQ
  54. Printer - General troubleshooting advice
  55. UW-Madison IT Compliance Agreement
  56. Software and Load Testing (SALT) - Usage Policies
  57. Doodle - Scheduling an event
  58. Doodle - Unable to schedule an event using a non-WiscMail (@wisc.edu) email address
  59. Doodle - Responding to an event poll
  60. Doodle - Unable to change theme for branded account
  61. Changing the Frequency on a Student iclicker
  62. Enterprise Storage Outage Schedule
  63. Identity Finder - Regular Expressions to Find SSN Based Photo IDs
  64. DoIT Grill
  65. Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Overview of the Access Removal Process
  66. OpenSSL - Heartbeat Vulnerability (aka "Heartbleed") Information
  67. Security - How to Protect your Computer from Theft
  68. Where can I recycle my Computer Equipment?
  69. Skype - General Information
  70. WHP1 - Applications Affected when WHP1 Oracle Database is Down [Campus login required]
  71. My UW-Madison - Bursar Office Contacts
  72. Encryption - Encryption Tools Matrix
  73. Encryption - Types of encryption and key concepts
  74. Encryption - Issues to Consider Before Implementing Encryption
  75. Acrobat - Information on PDF Files