1. Get Help from DoIT
  2. Computer Security Check List
  3. Phishing Detection and Remediation
  4. Mass Emailing Guidelines
  5. Qualys - URLs for UW System Campus Schools [Campus login required]
  6. Computing at UW - Backing up Your Personal Data
  7. Office 365 - What should I expect when I am no longer a Faculty, Staff, or Student?
  8. Printers - Getting help with printer trouble from the DoIT Help Desk
  9. Office 365 - How will a license change impact the Office 365 license I purchased from the DoIT Tech Store?
  10. Office 365 - How can I remove my UW-Madison Office 365 account from my personal Microsoft account?
  11. Office 365 - Backup OneDrive for Business data
  12. Problems Logging into the DOA Fleet Management Website
  13. About the DoIT Help Desk
  14. DoIT Data Center Access Control Policy
  15. UW-Madison's Dell Account Team [Campus login required]
  16. How to Find Your DoIT Number
  17. Green IT - Activating power management settings in Windows and Mac OS X
  18. D2L - AlcoholEdu Course (UW-Madison)
  19. Campus Departmental Computer Labs
  20. Qualys WAS - Crawl Scope [Campus login required]
  21. Qualys WAS - How To download and set up Selenium IDE for Web Application Authentication script [Campus login required]
  22. Qualys VM - How to Install Qualys Cloud Agents [Campus login required]
  23. Office 365 - What version of Microsoft Office is affected by a license change?
  24. Office 365 - Your subscription has expired
  25. InfoLabs - Frequently Asked Questions
  26. Term Withdrawal FAQ
  27. Office 365 - How will Emeriti with paid appointments be affected?
  28. Microsoft Learning at UW-Madison [Campus login required]
  29. Change Freezes
  30. Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Service Description
  31. HTML Self-Help
  32. Dell Contact Information
  33. InfoLabs - Service Description
  34. Office 365 - What are recommended productivity tools after a license change?
  35. Security - How to Report Stolen Computers and Equipment
  36. Basic Computer Hardware Guide
  37. SSL / TLS Certificates and Configuration: Evaluating the State of your Web Server [Campus login required]
  38. Important tech suggestions for departing students, faculty, and staff
  39. DoIT User Services Strategic Planning
  40. Help Desk - Access to DoIT Support for Primary Tech Partners
  41. Adobe Acrobat - Combining Multiple Files into a Single PDF
  42. Parking Application Process
  43. Networking Hardware Quick Guide
  44. Doodle - Create a UW-Madison Account
  45. WiscVPN iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) - Downloading and Installing Cisco AnyConnect App for iOS
  46. File Sharing - General Information
  47. Voice/Telephone Services (Centrex) - Options for Forwarding Calls
  48. Windows - Frequently Asked Questions
  49. Shibboleth - Logging into CICme
  50. DoIT Number - How to Register to Create/Edit DoIT Numbers and Funding Information
  51. Securing Printers
  52. DATN and Firewalls in Windows and OS X
  53. Printer - General troubleshooting advice
  54. UW-Madison IT Compliance Agreement
  55. Software and Load Testing (SALT) - Usage Policies
  56. Doodle - Unable to change theme for branded account
  57. Doodle - Scheduling an event
  58. Doodle - Unable to schedule an event using a non-WiscMail (@wisc.edu) email address
  59. Doodle - Responding to an event poll
  60. Changing the Frequency on a Student iclicker
  61. Enterprise Storage Outage Schedule
  62. Identity Finder - Regular Expressions to Find SSN Based Photo IDs
  63. DoIT Grill
  64. Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Overview of the Access Removal Process
  65. OpenSSL - Heartbeat Vulnerability (aka "Heartbleed") Information
  66. Security - How to Protect your Computer from Theft
  67. Where can I recycle my Computer Equipment?
  68. Skype - General Information
  69. WHP1 - Applications Affected when WHP1 Oracle Database is Down [Campus login required]
  70. My UW-Madison - Bursar Office Contacts
  71. Encryption - Encryption Tools Matrix
  72. Encryption - Types of encryption and key concepts
  73. Encryption - Issues to Consider Before Implementing Encryption
  74. Acrobat - Information on PDF Files
  75. Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Using the Authorization Look Up Tool