1. UWNet Router Configuration Specifications
  2. Campus Network Housing - Identifying Hospitality Access Points
  3. Campus Network (Housing) - Using the MyResNet Tool
  4. Recommended Routers for UW Housing Residents
  5. Residence Hall Device Registration Guide for UWNet Wired or Wireless
  6. Troubleshooting Network Connections
  7. ResNet (Mac OS X) - Network Configuration
  8. Campus Network Housing - Device Incompatibility List
  9. ResNet - Quarantine Site Allowed Websites
  10. Campus Network - Finding the MAC Address of an Ethernet Adapter
  11. ResNet (Windows) - Network Configuration
  12. ResNet - Unable to View ResNet Registration Page
  13. Device Registration Process for Summer Conference Guests and University Apartment Guests
  14. Troubleshooting and Support: Residential Television Network
  15. ResNet - Computer is Assigned a 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x IP
  16. NetReg - Registration for Non-NetID University Apartments Residents