1. Computer Security Check List
  2. Phishing Detection and Remediation
  3. Qualys - URLs to Access Qualys via Single Sign-On [Campus login required]
  4. MFA-Duo - How can I use the "Remember Me" function?
  5. Security - How to Protect your Computer from Theft
  6. Windows - Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Using the Authorization Look Up Tool
  8. Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Overview of the Access Removal Process
  9. Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) - Service Description
  10. Security - How to Report Stolen Computers and Equipment
  11. Qualys WAS - Crawl Scope [Campus login required]
  12. DoIT Data Center Access Control Policy
  13. Qualys VM - How to Install Qualys Cloud Agents [Campus login required]
  14. Qualys WAS - How To download and set up Selenium IDE for Web Application Authentication script [Campus login required]
  15. Securing Printers
  16. OpenSSL - Heartbeat Vulnerability (aka "Heartbleed") Information
  17. Encryption - Encryption Tools Matrix
  18. Encryption - Types of encryption and key concepts
  19. Encryption - Issues to Consider Before Implementing Encryption