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Housing User Account Creation Requests

This is a summary of the process to get a user account created for new Housing staff.

Important Information

  • You must have the new user's NetID before submitting a user account request. To obtain their NetID, the new user must go to the following website:
    • Housing Staff can also contact Housing Technology Services with the new user's complete first and last name to perform a reverse lookup for the user's NetID if it has already been activated
  • Housing Technology Services requires NetIDs, not Campus ID numbers, to process user account requests. Requests submitted with Campus IDs will be rejected and the requester will need to re-submit with the correct information
  • User account requests must be submitted by career staff supervisors or managers. Requests should not be submitted by student staff. Submissions from student staff will be rejected. 
  • Please submit account requests at least 2 weeks in advance of the employee's start date to allow appropriate time for request processing
  • Electronic WisCard access and physical key access are controlled by the Housing Key and Access Shop. You can submit an access request on their website as well as view information about key and access policies and procedures. 

Submitting Account Requests

After taking note of the important information above, pro-staff supervisors and managers can complete this form to request a new user account:


  • Requests for users who have more than one first or last name must include a delimiting character (a dash '-' or underscore '_') where appropriate. Failure to include a a delimiting character will result in complications with the user's Housing email account as email addresses cannot contain white spaces.  

    Ex:  Smith Johnson, Joe Smith-Johnson, Joe Doe, James Robert | Doe, James_Robert
  • If you have questions about this requirement, please contact Housing Technology Services and we will be happy to assist you.

Position Changes

If you are submitting an account request for an existing user who is changing positions, you do not need to fill out the account request form. You can submit a Supportal Request. To process the position change, Housing Technology Services requests that you provide the following information in your support request:
  • The user's name (first and last) and NetID
  • The user's current position
  • The user's new position and supervisor (if known)
  • The user's start date in their new role
  • The name or NetID of a user in the current role (or similar position) to copy/model permissions from

Submitting Multiple Accounts (>10)

If you are requesting 10 or more user accounts, you must use the Excel template to provide Housing Technology Services with a batch request. Please see to download the template.

Important Notes: 
  • Do not modify the headings of the template in anyway. Doing so will cause the template to function improperly.
  • When using the Excel template, please enter your data directly on the "Accounts" sheet. The template does not process correctly if you create a new sheet in the workbook. 
  • When entering data into the Excel template, please be sure to include NetIDs in the applicable fields, not Campus ID numbers.
  • The "Supervisor" field should be the supervisor's name, not NetID. This is a new change (May 2019) that is different from our previous template. 
User Account Spreadsheet Fields

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